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are you ready for a life full of freedom and magic?

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are you ready for your next big step of your journey, but you feel confused, stuck, alone and don't know where to start? 

can you feel this deep yearning inside your soul that there's so much more to this life than what you're currently experiencing? this desire to feel alive, free and truely expressed?

are you ready to step into your full feminine power, to feel expansive and

embody the real you?


are you ready to gain more clarity and discover what you really want?

who you truly are?  to create your most authentic life, beyond anyones expectations?

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what you can expect during this mentorship


you will be aware and release your deepest fears, doubts and limiting believes that are holding you back and keeping you small.



you will become crystal clear about your core values, your big why and how you want to feel and show up in this life. we will create a clear vision of your wildest dreams.


you will connect to your highest self and take action to align your body, mind, heart and soul. 

you will create freedom and space for more magic and connection.


you will learn embodiment practices that help you create the life of you dreams from the inside out and to stay connected to your vision, goals and hearts desires!


sister, then you´re soul ready to dive deep with me!

Imagine  your life ...

...full of self love, self worth and taking action towards your wildest dreams ...

...Reclaiming your intuition, inner power and the way you live, love and lead in this world

...Feeling confident, magnetic and radiant while being the woman you are yearning to be​,  connected to your true feminine essence.



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elli, 33

From the very beginning I felt very safe, seen and heard during our time together through her empathic and warmhearted personality, even online. 


Every second felt like a safe and warm place to open up and dive deep within myself without fear. 

I felt held so deeply within every single session that brought up so much wisdom and clarity. 

I implemented a lot of our work and practices into my everyday life that have strengthened the connection to myself. 


Throughout the mentorship I had a lot of eyeopening moments in which I became aware of subconscious patterns that have impacted my life on so many levels. I was able not only to become aware of them but also to change them into uplifting beliefs that nurture the relationship to myself. 

I love the most that I still have access to our sessions that remember me of the powerful live sessions and what I’ve learned and integrated in them.

Having Tanja as a Mentor and Coach on my side has allowed me to dive deeper into my soul and really integrate the learnings with full support & guidance from her. If youre ready to change your life, I can truly recommend to work with her.

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My holistic coaching always combines :

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3 month 1:1 coaching with me includes 


1 Live Call / week
via Whatsapp/Zoom


Homework & Support Mo-Fr
in between Calls via Voxxer/Whatsapp


Free Discovery Call

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What's included?


are you ready to invest in yourself and transform your life?

3 months

999 € / Month



I´m a free spirited soul living in Mo´orea in French Polynesia. I´m a passionate Mindfulnessteacher, Author &  Coach and I help women to connect back to their true essence, to create a free, authentic and fulfilling life beyond their wildest dreams. 


I´ve been on my own healing journey for over 13 years and after practicing and studying many different healing arts like tantra, shamanism, Yoga, mediation, Personal Development and Psychology, I've developed my very own coaching tools that are individualized on every single soul with its unique story. 

I love to dive deep and hold space for healing and transformation. 

I am here to expand your mind, heart, body & soul by feeling your unique energy and guiding you through my insights and intuition. 

I help you to break down conditionings, patterns and limiting believes that keep you small and hold you back from living your truest potential.

I know how it feels to feel stuck in literally any part of life.

I´ve stayed in a toxic narcissistic relationship longer than I should have. I swollowed down my truth to avoid conflict. all of that that led me to my deep journey of self love. 

I felt stuck in my job as a teacher that was supposed to make me feel safe but actually made me feel caged. I felt stuck in a life that I created myself, but with the right mentors by my side I was able to break free of this cage and finally spread my wings and fly. 

I followed my soul calling and It would be an honor for me to do the same for you.

my biggest vision is an earth full of truly expressed, authentic and free souls sharing their gifts with the world. because you came here for a reason and youre not meant to feel numb, stuck and bored.

you came here with a purpose and the world is waiting for you to wake up and share your gifts.

Hey, i´m tanja

To See if we're a perfect match for each other I would like to know a little bit about you.

Thanks, love! I´ll get back to you very soon.

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create the life of your wildest dreams!