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become a feminine embodiment mentor

  feminine embodiment is a body based, somatic journey from the mind into the wisdom of the heart, soul and body. 

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The Feminine Embodiment mentor Certification is a 3 months online training for soul led women desiring to become an Embodied Feminine Mentor.

This Mentoring Program is for you, if…

….You’re deeply passionate about healing and feminine embodiment and you’re mindblown of how much your life has already changed through this powerful journey. 


…. you feel it’s time to not only dive deeper into your own level of embodiment, but also share this passion with others.

…You feel a deep desire within yourself to serve, to share your gifts and to make this world a better place through Feminine Embodiment in your own unique way. 


…You desire tangible and powerful tools to create sacred and safe healing spaces online and in person.


…you see yourself guiding Retreats, 1:1 sessions and circles online and in person


…you want to feel confident in holding a space and leading sessions


…You know you have so much to share with this world, so many gifts, but you don’t really know where to start and you desire a Mentor who’s been through the whole journey.

Then this 3 months embodied feminine mentor program is perfectly designed for you.

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Slow down and descent into the body........

We are so conditioned in our society to live our lives from our minds, to put productivity over pleasure. To always function, hustle, make decisions on what makes most sense or is expected of us. 

But I truly believe this is not why we came here for. We are here to experience all of life. And to be able to feel it all, we need to slow down and descent into the body. 

Feminine Embodiment is the lived experience of coming home to yourself, your true essence beyond your conditioning and pain.


You know from experience that living from your mind and logic is really exhausting in the long run and only gets you this far. You know by now that by really being in your own body, you feel so much more juicy, alive, radiant and joyful. You know that if you allow your heart and soul to lead, your mind, ego and fear don’t have power over you any longer. And this feeling is priceless. You desire everyone in the world to feel this way.


...The power of pleasure. 

The sacredness of your sensuality. 

The beauty of being present in the body rather than living in your mind

The fullness of your emotions and expression.

Become a confident embodied feminine Mentor and learn the frameworks, language, tools, energetics, community & container to fully blossom into the powerful Embodied Feminine Mentor that is already inside of you. 


The Mentoring program includes 6 modules. Each month builds a powerful foundation of personal confidence & professional competency to guide your soul clients, in any situation & support their cultivation of power, purpose & pleasure.

During the past few years when I transitioned from being a School and Yoga Teacher into guiding deep Healing & Feminine Embodiment sessions and Retreats, I had the honor to guide hundreds of women back home to themselves. 


In these sessions women experience a deep remembrance, they come back home into their body's, pleasure and aliveness and every session leaves me deeply moved (& sometimes even in tears). 

The depth, beauty & vulnerability I get to hold in my work as a Feminine Embodiment Mentor is so precious and sacred to me. 


If you're called to deepen your own level of Feminine Embodiment and guide others to do the same - then this Mentoring Program is made for you!

You need to be embodied in what you’re guiding people through to create a powerful healing space where they open up for transformation.

Whether you’re new to mentoring, or desire to deepen your existing skills and level of embodiment, if you’ve been called to work in somatic and embodied ways, to implement Feminine Embodiment practices into your work, to deepen the level of transformation for your clients, then this is a journey that will leave you forever changed. 


You will be ready to hold space for your clients in a much deeper way. 


The depths of your healing spaces always comes down to your own level of embodiment. You can only hold space and guide your clients as deep as you’ve met yourself. 


You can read all the books and collect all the tools and know all the things intellectually, but your clients will feel if you haven’t met yourself in the depths they’re desiring to go. 

They won’t feel safe. 

It’s an energetic feeling you radiate through your own level of embodiment.

They feel safe to trust you and open naturally if you’ve met yourself this deep.

You will be mindblown by the depth and sacredness of your work. It’s so much bigger than yourself.


In my opinion, this is the only way to create a safe space in your healing containers that will guarantee long lasting transformation in your clients life. 

I want you to feel safe and confident to hold your clients in deep healing spaces. 


After this program you won’t be afraid that you will be confronted with a situation you’re not able to handle. Because you know how it feels like to be there yourself.


You can hold the space without being drowned. 


There’s a lot of energetics you need to learn to be able to hold the sacredness and potency of this kind of depth without taking on anything that isn’t yours. 


There’s a lot of things you can implement to keep your channel pure and your energy clean that I will teach you during these 3 months. 

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Fun, deep & Authentic

This is an authentic, fun, deep, vibrant & interactive container. 


Two weekends a month we dive deep in our live calls that you can join online from anywhere in the world.


Imagine activating group practices deepening feminine embodiment, sharing from the heart, asking all of your questions and learning everything you need to know to create a sacred and safe space for your soul clients. In person and online. You will also practice what you’ve learned in a safe space to receive feedback in our last month of this certificate program. You’ll connect with amazing women on the same mission as you.

Hi, I´m Tanja. 

A passionate Feminine Embodiment & Leadership Mentor, living in Mo'orea French Polynesia. 


After being a Mentor for hundreds of women all around the world in retreats, 1-1 & group containers, my past clients began asking if I would teach them "this way of holding space and guiding healing & embodiment practices“.

Choosing the path of my soul has been the greatest gift of my life that keeps on surprising me with magic and adventures (and initiations) every single day. 


Over the last 6 years of managing my own Yoga Studio and guiding Retreats and programs all around the world I have refined the art of space holding into a masterpiece. 


My soul clients experience deep transformation and feel safe to open up and heal. Because I’ve met myself there. I can hold and guide them with ease, because I know exactly how it feels to be there. 


That’s why your own embodiment and the depth you’ve met yourself is essential to create safe spaces. 


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I don’t teach you 10000 tools, that you understand and pass on. You will learn plenty, but it’s much more than that. This program will take you on a journey. A journey home to your soul, so you can share your shining light with others. 


It begins with you.


How you lead yourself through your initiations and growth, so you can safely lead others too.


You will learn plenty of tools, but they will come from an embodied, integrated space. Not from reading another book. 


You desire to grow your soul business that will grow and evolve as you do and that can sustain the waves of your own healing work. 


You desire to create your business your way that feels in alignment with your feminine nature, all while being held by a healthy masculine structure, so your creativity feels safe to flow


You want to create transformational in person and/or in person events, programs, retreats where people can share from their heart and show up as they are. 


You desire to feel safe to hold sacred and safe healing containers that guarantee long lasting, life changing results. 


You know you’re not here for the masses, you’re here to dive really deep with the ones that are ready for it.


You desire to feel excited about your work and clients, to feel alive, grateful, purposeful and in flow. 


Through your own willingness to grow, learn, heal and embody your highest self, you’ll become a powerful Mentor to guide others, shoulder to shoulder.

About   this  Certification

Program Structure:

Each month there will be four 90 Minute calls via zoom

led on two weekends per month


1st month
creating a safe space

Module 1: Opening, Clarity & Intention


*Your role as a Mentor

*Finding your own unique way 

*Your story as foundation of your work

*Intention Setting



Module 2: Transformational foundations to hold safe spaces


*The importance of Self-responsibilty

*Energetic hygiene of opening, holding and closing the space

*Prepare and protect your energy for powerful, high frequency containers

*keeping your channel clean

*How to guide powerful healing journeys in the quantum field

*Deepening the trust in yourself, your channel and your clients (holding their highest timeline even if they dont)


2nd month
healing modalities


*somatic experience

*Inner Child healing/reparenting/selfsoothing

*emotional alchemy

*Holding the vision 

*Transformation techniques for quantum healing journeys

*Emotional intelligence and boundaries


Module 4: Implementing Feminine Embodiment into your work


*Intuitive dance

*Archetype Embodiment work

*Breathwork, Meditation

*Yoni & Womb Healing

*Feminine Cycle in Business

3rd month

Module 5: Divine Union in Business

Crating a healthy, Masculine structure in your business, so your feminine feels safe to channel, create from overflow

How to keep your channel clean 

How to organize and guide Retreats/circles

Setting up a Team/Receiving support

Clear boundaries and structure

Lifestyle changes to guarantee a safe space



Module 6: action

In this month each paticipant will be guiding a live healing and embodiment session to graduate 


Start: January


Time investment 120 hours:

12x90 min calls

90 hours Self practice 

12 hours guiding sessions


Duration: 3 months 


Your Investment & Commitment 

4444 €


what´s included

please take your time to answer the following questions:

Thank you love! I will get back to you shortly.

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