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In Schwaz | Austria

led by Tanja Hirsch & Sarah Warnaar






embodied Feminine Retreat

Are you yearning to soften, to receive, to be penetrated by life, to merge with the masculine and the universe? 

To remember your divine feminine  Power, deeply connected to your truth?

Being Embodied in your Feminine Essence means coming home to your natural state of being as a woman that is receptive, open and connected to your body, heart and soul. 

...To lead and live your life from that state rather than your mind.

But to return and remember you need to let go of the need to prove yourself, to control and hustle.

...Do you desire to finally being able to trust yourself, life and letting go of the protective shield around your heart?

This Retreat is an invitation for you to come home to your body and soul AND immerse in a nourishing time out in the mountains to recharge with likeminded women on the same journey as you. 

Bio- & vitalhotel Grafenast

  • Organic full board

  • Tea & spring water

  • cozy bathrobe

  • Panorama sauna, Hammam, unique sauna in the forest and relaxation/spa area

  • pool with breathtaking view


a glimpse of the  magic that is waiting for you


opening/closing ceremonies

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the feminine oracle workshop

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sensual temple night to reclaim your divine feminine power

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Returning to your feminine essence embodiment


receiving & sacred breast massage

White Lillies

+sound healing
+guided me-time

about us

tanja hirsch

feminine embodiment mentor

Tanja is a passionate Feminine Embodiment Mentor, living in Moorea, French Polynesia.


She guides women home to their feminine power through embodied healing and sacred sensuality.


Tanja loves bringing women together in sacred sisterhood to heal and rise together. 

Her teachings always include the ancient feminine wisdom to open the heart and reconnect to our bodys wisdom, especially of the womb and intuition.


Through her transformational in person and online Retreats, her Soul Naked Podcast, online programs and masterminds, as well as her sacred 1:1 Mentorships, Tanja helps women to fall in love with themselves unconditionally, to feel abundant, embody their feminine beauty and to take aligned and empowered action towards a life that is in aligned with their deepest souls desires. 

Her space holding is a safe container to dive deep into the subconsciousness to heal from the inside out.


Sarah Waarnar

Guide, spaceholoer, artist

Sarah Warnaar is a guide, artist & spaceholder who supports women in embodying their most expressed & sovereign self.

Sarah works with both the psychological, somatic & energetic aspects of our being and mentors women from the beginning of the journey of awakening - trauma, masculine/feminine, codependency & boundary work - to those longing to share their gifts with the world; - archetypal, tantric, multi-dimensional, polarity & purpose work.


As a priestess of the Rose, she serves the healing & remembrance of the Feminine Flame & walks the Path of Love. 

She guides others to heal conditioned & habitual patterns, re-align with their most expressed self & remember their divine nature.

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July 5-7th

come home to your soul.

  • 3 days/2 nights accomodation 

  • organic full board (breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner Menu)

  • program (morning, afternoon & evening practices/ceremonys & Workshops)

  • goodiebag

Not included: travel insurance, travel costs, yogamat

999 €

double occupancy, single room +50€


Workshop details

Returning to Your Feminine Essence

Exploring the feminine erotic body, radical receptivity, surrender, yearning, desire & magnetism

The erotic body is not just sexual, although our sexuality is a part of it. The feminine erotic body is the core of our being; it's how she moves, how she sounds, how she embodies all that she is, all that she feels. The activated feminine erotic body is what makes her magnetic, irresistible, attractive, magical! It can create businesses, blossom relationships, open the hearts & fuel our life with the energetic, creative pulse of Life herself.


Feminine liberation isn’t found in rebellion – although it has its place! If we click back deeper into our feminine essence, we find a place of surrender and utter receptivity. This receptivity is a part of opening the erotic body. We encounter our deepest yearning to receive, to be penetrated by life, to merge with the masculine. This radical longing and receptivity can only be wholly opened when we’ve locked in our inner union of inner masculine & feminine. Together, we’ll awaken out inner King & Queen and descend back into our true feminine radiant essence.

The Feminine Oracle

Artful expression for connected & juicy relating & relationship polarity work


As womb/heart-centred beings, we are Oracles. We’re connected to a pulse of deep intuitive wisdom, inner Knowing, divine guidance, simply because we are women. Our greatest gift to the world is trusting and expressing the truth of our heart, from moment to moment. This is what wakes the world up from its slumber. This what inspires our partners into conscious leadership. This is what centres us in the path of our soul.


In this workshop, we’ll learn to open where we’ll habitually close and expand the expression of your feminine Oracle through trusting her responsiveness to the world, whether through soft surrender or your fierce lioness; in any way Love wants to pour through the channel that you are. All in an artful way that opens not only yours but your partner’s heart.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-24 um 17.59.34.png
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