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leckere und schnelle Dhaalsuppe mit Papadam

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

During my cooking class with Ruwini from Honey Bee Garden in Sri Lanka, I was shown how to make a real daal soup with homemade coconut milk. I took this as an inspiration to make my own daal soup.

This is what you need:

2 table spoons coconut oil (or any oil)

1 cup of lentils

1/2 chopped red onion

1 cup coconutmilk

2-3 cloves of crushed/ chopped garlic

1 cinnamon stick or a pinch of cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp of curry powder

few green chillis sliced

chilly powder

1/2 tsp of salt

few pomegranate seeds

coriander leaves

Joghurt or soja joghurt

Papadam as much as wanted

1 table spoon fig or apricot marmelade

First you have to wash the lentils 3 times!!!

Ruwini put all ingredients together in a pot covered it with water (we used our freshly pressed coconutmilk) and let it cook until the lentils were soft.

Heres my variation:

I prefer to preheat coconut oil in a pan and roast the chopped red onions until soft and slightly brown. After that I add the lentils, roast them a bit as well and then add the crushed garlic and the curry powder. Like this you get some extra roasted flavors which I prefer.

I normally use one cup of water and one cup of coconut milk and as much chilly as you like. A really nice hack that I learned in Sri Lanka is, to put in the Chillies you use whole and take them out afterwards. So you don't bite on chillyseeds and you can control the spiciness of your dish.

After cooking for about 30 minutes, until the lentils are soft, its time to taste. Add one tablespoon of your favorite marmalade to give it a sweet-sour flavor. Add water if needed, put it on your plate and garnish with Joghurt, pomegranate seeds and coriander leaves.

You can typically fry your papadam in hot coconut or any other oil (that is made for frying) or you take the more body friendly variation which i love: just toast it! Yes, you can toast your papadam, just make sure you stand next to it and lower the temperature to the lowest level.

Happiness on this plate is garanteed :)

This is the all in one pot method Ruwini used. She also added pandora leaves from her garden, curry leaves, dill seeds and turmeric. As they are hard to get, you can just not use them and its also really really delicious.

cutting pandora leaves

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