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1:1 Soul naked

a deep dive healing journey into your subconscious

known from


step into the woman you came here to be 


In this two hours healing session I will guide you through an embodied

healing journey into your subconscious.

We will open the quantum field, where you have access to all the hidden parts of yourself, so you're able to realign relationship dynamics, alchemize emotions, get clarity, heal your inner child and reclaim parts of your soul. 

Every single session is unique, but I will guide this journey specifically for your highest growth and best intentions. 

It is a sacred and safe space for you to meet yourself deeper, to heal, to release, to remember and align your life with your heart and soul. 

These sessions go very deep, that's why you have access to me for 7 days to integrate anything that comes up, even after this journey.

what you can expect from this session


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Thank you Tanja from the bottom of my heart. The 1:1 coaching came at exactly the right time and was exactly what I needed.

Limiting beliefs, fears, insecurity, lack of clarity about my life, not really being able to live in the here and now and enjoy life...

These are just a few of the topics I brought to our coaching. Tanja - with her wonderful, sensitive, understanding, honest and authentic nature -

"introduced" me to my topics very gently and in my time - introduced me to the things that have caused me incredible fear and, beyond that, have often determined my life.


With the help of Tanja I was able to face my fears, I found out what makes me happy personally and how I want to create and live my life.


I was able to step out of my bubble, my comfort zone, over and over again - into insecurity, but also into the unbelievable strength that I carry within me.

Tanja teased this strength out of me, always stood by my side - no matter when, she was always there for me.

Tanja has led me on the path of absolute self-acceptance and encouraged me to just be the person I really am deep inside - in all my essence.

I now allow myself to be just that: myself. 


Especially when meeting other people. I allow myself just be me.

I allow myself to speak my truth and to express my feelings and thoughts. I feel safe to show my insecure side, of which I've often been ashamed of in the past.

I allow myself to take off the pressure and stay true to myself, to be myself, to enjoy life in its full spectrum.


Thank you, Tanja, you wonderful human being - for catching and holding me and for helping me

to find my path. 

Thank you for accepting me for who I am and for helping me to find the courage and strength lying within me.

Thanks to you I now allow myself to live my life in mindfulness, gratitude and love.

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What's included?

what's included in this deep dive?

2 hours transformative healing Session
 via zoom


7 days voxer Support 


Access to my home retreats



I´m a free spirited soul living in Mo´orea in French Polynesia. I´m a passionate Mindfulnessteacher, Author & feminine embodiment  Coach and I help women to connect back to their true feminine essence, to create a free, authentic and fulfilling life beyond their wildest dreams where you feel safe to be you and to show all of  you.


I´ve been on my own healing journey for over 13 years and after practicing and studying many different healing arts like tantra, shamanism, Yoga, mediation, Personal Development and Psychology, I've designed my very own coaching tools that are individualized on every single soul with its unique story. 

I love to dive deep and hold space for healing and transformation. 

I am here to expand your mind, heart, body & soul by feeling your unique energy and guiding you through my experience, insights and intuition. 

I help you to break down conditionings, patterns and limiting believes that keep you small and hold you back from living your truest potential.

I know how it feels to feel stuck in literally any part of life.

I´ve stayed in a toxic narcissistic relationship longer than I should have. I swollowed down my truth to avoid conflict. all of that that led me to my deep journey of self love. 

I felt stuck in my job as a teacher that was supposed to make me feel safe but actually made me feel caged. I felt stuck in a life that I created myself, but with the right mentors by my side I was able to break free of this cage and finally spread my wings and fly. 

I followed my soul calling and It would be an honor for me to do the same for you.

my biggest vision is an earth full of truly expressed, authentic and free women sharing their gifts with the world. because you came here for a reason and you´re not meant to feel numb, stuck and bored.

you came here with a purpose and the world is waiting for you to wake up and share your gifts.

Hey, i´m tanja

Apply now
To See if we're a perfect match for each other I would like to know a little bit about you.

Thanks, love! I´ll get back to you very soon.

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