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25|09 - 01|10



Waking up to the sound of the ocean before you start the morning by connecting to yourself through Meditation, Breathwork or primal workouts.


The mornings sessions will make strenghten your masculine energy by embracing your inner warrior(ess) with primal workouts that incorporate natural human movement and focused beastly intensity. 

You can feel the warm wind on your skin while you´re beginning your morning with activating sessions guided by James.

We want you to experience your deepest and most dominant masculine form by way of experiencing intense workouts, experiences and simulated combat.

Right when you come out of this deep & nourishing morning practice, a vegan and mouthwatering breakfast is waiting for you - made with so much love from Manon and in company with likeminded souls that may become friends for a lifetime.

Everyday there will be another adventure waiting for you that will activate and unleash your adventurous soul. These unique and breathtaking activities will create memories that will stay in your heart forever.


You will plant corals, swim eye to eye with with gigantic whales, rays and reef sharks, hike beautiful mountains and waterfalls, kayak to little islands and sooo much more...

After another mind-blowing sunset dinner that will leave you happy & nourished we will meet for a deep relaxing Yoga Nidra/Yin Yoga or Breathwork session/Ceremony to end the day in a calm, relaxed and surrendered way. 


It is time to REMEMBER who you truly are and to reconnect with your WILD & FREE SOUL.

are you ready for the big adventure?

what's included

  • 7 days/6 nights in a shared room (2-3 per room)

  • daily mouthwatering breakfast/lunch, dinner & snacks

  • coral gardeners adventure (plant corals to help save the ocean)

  • whale tour (yes, you will be snorkeling with gigantic whales!)

  • kayak tour to swim with rays & reef sharks and to a little island

  • a hike through the magical forest with a mind-blowing view over mo´orea

  • waterfall hike & Activation

  • 6 x morning practice 

  • 6 x evening sessions

  • 2 surprise workshops

Whats included?

meet the facilitators

our food heaven


early bird price



2999 €*


Because this is a very small and intimate group we would love to know a little bit more about you.


After applying, we will send reach out to you for the next stage of the process for you.

meet coral gardeners

We are beyond excited and grateful to team up with Coral Gardeners to offer you this unique and very special experience. 


Together we will receive a guided tour to the coral nursery where we will plant our own WILD SOUL coral chain.


Each of you will adopt a coral and make a little impact to safe our oceans.

You will also receive a T-shirt and bracelet to remember this experience forever.

Read more about their mission here



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Foto: Josh Munoz

swim with gigantic whales

Swimming eye to eye with Humpback Whales will make you believe in Magic!

This experience is such a beautiful and life changing moment that will stay in your heart forever. 

Swimming next to these gigantic beauties will make time stop and be in awe with nature. 

These creatures have such a majestic, calming and powerful energy that will make you leave speechless and forever touched. 

We can't wait for you to experience this for yourself. 

kayak adventure

We will get out on the lagoon to swim with reef sharks and sting rays. We will paddle together around two little islands and swim with these amazing animals. 

The rays are really playful and come towards you. The reef sharks are very calm and not really interested in us. 

So you don't have to be afraid to get in the water, but you can also stay in the kayak and enjoy the view from up there ;-)




hike with a view

We will take you on a stunning hike through these magical forests to a stunning view over Moorea. 

After enjoying the beautiful wild life of this unique island on our way up the mountain,  you will be rewarded with the most stunning scenery when we reach the top.

You will have your Lunch snack served up there while enjoying the breathtaking view overlooking Moórea.

Waterfall activation

Deep Nature Immersion


Feel mother gaia underneath your feet as you immerse yourself deep in nature amongst the forest and waterfalls and experience the deep and powerful experience of your warrior call under the waterfalls. 

On this day we will separate the group: James will guide the man activation and Tanja will guide the womens ceremony.


James carson

holistic health & Wellness coach

tanja hirsch

feminine embodiment mentor

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our private local chef for the week

We are beyond grateful and excited to have Manon as our private chef during WILD SOUL. 

Manon puts her whole heart and soul into creating healthy, mouthwatering dishes and we can't wait for you to taste her food heaven during this week and to get in touch with her beautiful, creative soul.

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CG_22_08_12_ECOTOUR TANJA_RBRN_8460.jpg


* Morning and evening group sessions

* Breathwork

* Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

* Primal Activations/Workouts

* optional 1:1 Coaching with James

* Rituals & Ceremonies

* Free time for integration 


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Reiki Healing Session

You have the unique opportunity to book a private energy healing Session with Celia to balance your chacras and unblock stagnant energy.


healing massage

Want to relax even deeper? You can book a private balinese massage  anytime during your stay.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-12 um 16.01.29.png


Enjoy the breathtaking view over Moorea and the ocean with parasailing

Bildschirmfoto 2023-01-19 um 20.49.46.png

1 : 1 coaching session

You have the unique opportunity to book a 1:1 Coaching Session with James

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