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Yoni egg Initiation

sun | nov 20th | 8pm 

Remember your feminine power, awaken your pleasure and connect to your sensuality. 

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Pleasure is your natural state of being. It's your birthright!

You deserve to feel feminine and sensual in every single moment of life. 


Yoni egg Initiation

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Hey beautiful goddess!

I invite you to come home to your beautiful feminine essence. 

Feeling pleasure through your senses is your natural state of being if you finally drop the hustle & overthinking and drop into your body.

Witnessing women in their pleasure, being in this sacred and safe space, allowing yourself to be seen brings an ancient and healing remembrance that ripples out in all areas of your life. 

The sacredness of your pleasure underneath the shame and conditioning is waiting for you to be explored.

You will meet your inner power, your truth and connect to the wisdom of your womb.

This is what makes you radiate from the inside out and brings you into a state of feeling abundant and unapologetic.

In this practice I will guide you through a juicy practice that will connect you to your feminine power and aliveness.

You will witness yourself and other women being fully embodied in their pleasure through intuitive dancing in your favorite lingerie. 

We will celebrate the gift of being embodied women together, explore different sensations through touch before I guide you through this sacred and life changing Yoni Egg Initiation.

Maybe this experience will be orgasmic, maybe there will be an emotional release...every single journey is different and divine. 

You will leave this night feeling alive and turned on by life itself. Deeply connected to your Sensuality and feminine magic. Open and soft.

It's time to release any guilt and shame around feeling good in your body and start embodying your sensuality. 


what to expect

sun | nov 20th | 8pm 
(german time)

  • Intention Setting & Breathwork

  • Lingerie dancing

  • Breast massage

  • touch exploration

  • Yoni Egg Initiation

  • Sharing Circle

+ PDF on Yoni Egg backround

+ Sensual Embodiment Playlist

Natürliche Schönheit

my clients experience

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note: you will need your own yoni egg for this practice!

You can order yours here:
use code tanja to save 10% off

88 €

66 €

use code yoni, discount expires nov 15th


you receive the link to this live session and access to the recordins for 3 months (audio only due to keeping the sacredness and privacy)

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I´m tanja

I´m a free spirited soul living in Mo´orea in French Polynesia.


I´m a deeply passionated Feminine Embodiment Mentor and I help women to create a pleasurable, soul aligned and empowered life through feminine embodied healing. 


I´ve been on my own healing journey for over 15 years and after practicing and studying many different healing arts like Tantra, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Hypnosis, Yoga, Mediation, Breathwork, Personal Development and Psychology, I turned my life upside down and finally followed my intuition to create the life I've always dreamed about. 

I am now living on the island of my dreams, feeling deeply connected to my feminine essence, sharing my passion all around the world. 

But this wasn´t always the case. 

​I´ve lived most of my life feeling lack in almost all areas of my life, especially love. 

I hustled through my life, I was very independent. 

I always looked very feminine on the outside, wearing beautiful dresses and makeup, but the truth was: I felt exhausted. I burned out twice, I ended up in an emotional abusive relationship and my lack of self worth and self love lead me to dry out, literally. My job was draining the last pieces of life force out of my body.

I was longing to feel safe, to surrender, to trust. But it felt terrifying. Even the idea of letting go of control, of trusting the unknown without having evidence made me tense. 

I was a big time people pleaser, I made sure everyone else was fine and didn´t even have access to my own emotions and needs. I was stuck in my head, overthinking, worrying, doubting myself all the time. 

I had periods of heavy anxiety and depression. But I was hiding that side. I didnt feel safe to show it to the world. I thought if I did, my biggest wound of feeling unlovable and abandonment would come true.

I was longing for stillness, for peace, for feeling juicy and sensual. But it didn't  feel safe to be fully in my body. There was too much pain and trauma.

But underneath that pain, my soul was craving for softness. To finally let go. 

To trust, to give up control. To be still.

And this led me on a deep healing and embodiment journey all around the world to come back home to myself and feminine essence underneath my trauma, conditioning and past experiences. 

I feel home in my body now, I feel safe to be me, to show all parts of me. I am devoted to continiously embrace all of me. The shadow and the light, life in its duality. To speak my truth from a vulnerable space. To trust my intuition, to embody my sensuality with proud, no matter how it makes people feel. I shine my light unapologetically.

And I am deeply devoted to be in service to women experiencing the same. 

To feel their power. To experience the truth behind the shame: that your sensuality is sacred. 

I make pleasure, freedom and authenticity a priority in my life and I deeply desire for you to experience the same.

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