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remember your truth and celebrate the gift of being a sensual embodied woman

an online gathering of women to connect, inspire and support each other.

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Dear Sister,

Our Feminine Power has been demonized and taken away from us for way too long.

For centuries, we've been kept small, shamed and outcasted for our bodies' wisdom and truth. Disconnected from our divinity and magic.

We adapted and dimmed our light and wisdom for generations.

But It stops with us! 

The time is now to remember your truth and rise in your Feminine Power and Leadership.

It’s time to return to true sisterhood and take back what has always been yours.

It’s already inside of you, longing to be remembered 

To shine your light and heart into the world without holding back, to r
ipple a remembrance of truth and healing to every person you meet.

To remember the sacredness of your sensuality and feminine power.

I am honored and soul excited to co-create the free immersion AWAKEN YOUR FEMININE POWER with:

Nadine Lee, Kim Mellor, Sophie Josephina, Amy Nathalie, Thatja Andrade, Sarah Waarner, Shoshana Raven, Julia Brinkhorst.. and every single woman joining!

Sign up for free, it’s going to be a weekend for the books that you will forever remember.

friday magic



Opening & Celebration

7-8 PM CET

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The embodied

8-9 PM CET

saturday  magic



the art of
Living brave

7-7.30 AM CET

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Magic Mastery

7.30-8.00 AM CET

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From Fem. Shadow to Fem. Power

7 -8 PM CET

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-26 um 18.02.08.png


unleash your 
Wild woman

8-9 PM CET

sunday magic

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-27 um 17.49.00.png


Your Sensual Rise is The Master Code

7-8 AM CET

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the art of revealing your heart

8-8.30 AM CET



Embody your 
feminine power 

7-8.00 PM CET

+  Bonus session with Julia'S Spiritual living 

Schedule Overview Feminine Power.jpg

Add the immersion's Google Calendar to your device here.
To add the Google Calendar directly to yours, click on the link above
and then click the +Google Calendar in the bottom right-hand corner. 

All times are in German (CET) time, you can calculate your time zone here.


unleash the feminine



I´m tanja

I'm a free spirited soul living in Mo'orea in French Polynesia. 


I'm a deeply passionated Feminine Embodiment Mentor and I help women to create a pleasurable, soul aligned and empowered life through feminine embodied healing. 

My intention behind this Immersion is for you to remember the truth of your feminine power. 

After spending most of my life giving my power away so freely without even realizing it, I wish for every single woman on this planet to rise back into her power. 

We as women are powerful beyond words and the world needs our feminine magic now more than ever before. 

Join us for this activating, potent weekend to awaken your feminine power.


I've been on my own healing journey for over 15 years and after practicing and studying many different healing arts like Tantra, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Hypnosis, Yoga, Mediation, Breathwork, Personal Development and Psychology, I turned my life upside down and finally followed my intuition to create the life I've always dreamed about. 


I am now living on the island of my dreams on the other side of the world, feeling deeply connected to my feminine essence, sharing my passion all around the world. 


But this wasn't always the case. 

I've lived most of my life feeling lack in almost all areas of my life, especially love. Feeling disempowered and stuck in unhealthy patterns and relationship dynamics. I was carrying things that weren't mine. I felt responsible for everyone around me.


I hustled through most of my life and I was very independent. 


I always looked very feminine on the outside, wearing beautiful dresses and makeup, but the truth was: I felt exhausted. I burned out twice, I ended up in an emotional abusive relationship and my lack of self worth and self love lead me to dry out, literally. My job was draining the last pieces of life force out of my body.


I was longing to feel safe, to surrender, to trust. But it felt terrifying. Even the idea of letting go of control, of trusting the unknown without having evidence made me tense. 


I was a big time people pleaser, I made sure everyone else was fine and didn't even have access to my own emotions and needs. I was stuck in my head, overthinking, worrying, doubting myself all the time. 


I had periods of heavy anxiety and depression. But I was hiding that side. I didnt feel safe to show it to the world. I thought if I did, my biggest wound of feeling unlovable and abandonment would come true.


I was longing for stillness, for peace, for feeling juicy and sensual. But it didn't  feel safe to be fully in my body. There was too much pain and trauma.


But underneath that pain, my soul was craving for softness. To finally let go. 

To trust, to give up control. To be still.


And this led me on a deep healing and embodiment journey all around the world to come back home to myself and feminine essence underneath my trauma, conditioning and past experiences. 


I feel home in my body now, I feel safe to be me, to show all parts of me. I am devoted to continiously embrace all of me. The shadow and the light, life in its duality. To speak my truth from a vulnerable space. To trust my intuition, to embody my sensuality with proud, no matter how it makes people feel. I shine my light unapologetically.


And I am deeply devoted to be in service to women experiencing the same. 

To feel their power. To experience the truth behind the shame: that your sensuality is sacred. 



I make pleasure, freedom and authenticity a priority in my life and I deeply desire for you to experience the same.

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