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Rebirthing Breathwork

27th of march, 8pm MEZ

Sunday full of Magic to awaken your pleasure and sensuality. 

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Pleasure is your natural state of being. It's your birthright!

You deserve to feel feminine and sensual in every single moment of life. 


Pleasure sunday

Hey beautiful goddess!

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I´m curious, when was the last time you just did something just for yourself?

Something that makes you feel orgasmic without the presence of a lover?

Not for sake of the outcome but just because it feels good?

When was the last time you felt really feminine and home in your body?


We can receive pleasure in every single moment of life if we allow ourselves to drop from our thinking minds into our beautiful body and be completely present.


But let's be honest, how often do we really take the time to prioritize our own pleasure in our everyday lives between all our to do lists and responsibilities?

That's why I created this very special Pleasure Sunday. 

This Sunday is going to be guided by Katie Moore. She will hold space for a 2 hour Rebirthing Breathwork  Journey.   

You can relax and receive this powerful tool to fill your cup up from the inside.

You will leave this night feeling alive and turned on by life itself. 


Rebirthing Breathwork is a very powerful healing modality which uses conscious connected breathing , guiding you into a state of deep relaxation and an expanded consciousness. 


This breath has a unique and natural feminine flow, encouraging gentleness, grace and ease with its relaxed and intuitive rhythm, flooding the body with Divine Energy. 


As your body and nervous system relax, softening into safety, you are able to access unhealed wounds or trauma in the subconscious mind (manifesting in the mental and physical body), allowing you to explore and heal yourself like never before. 


This is the most powerful and accessible way to release old subconscious beliefs and integrate your new and only way of life, embodied trust and liberation.

Being in this state of Pleasure is the key if you want to feel alive, abundant and finally create the life of your wildest dreams. 

...yourself releasing your resistance to experiencing pleasure.
...feeling free, creative, orgasmic within every cell of your being. 
...feeling turned on by life itself and receiving pleasure in every moment of life.
...feeling sensual and feminine in your every day life


It's time to release any guilt around feeling good and living the life beyond your wildest dreams. 


what to expect

Rebirthing Breathwork

27th of march, 8 pm

  • Meditation 

  • Rebirthing Breathwork & Integration

  • sharing from the heart with your soul sisters

Natürliche Schönheit
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Embody the Goddess that you are!

55 €


you receive the link to this live session and access to the recordins for 1 month

this live session is free for all members of the living free sisters community Read more

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I´m tanja

I´m a free spirited soul living in Mo´orea in French Polynesia. I´m a passionate Mindfulnessteacher, Author & transformational Coach and I help women to connect back to their true essence, to create a free, authentic and fulfilling life beyond their wildest dreams. 


I´ve been on my own healing journey for over 13 years and after practicing and studying many different healing arts like Tantra, Shamanism, Yoga, Mediation, Personal Development and Psychology, I turned my life upside down and finally followed my intuition to create the life I've always dreamed about. 

I make pleasure, freedom and authenticity a priority in my life and I help women to do the same. 


I've developed my very own coaching tools that are individualized on every single soul with its unique story. 

I love to dive deep and hold space for healing and transformation on all levels.