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with purpose


Less than
1 hour/day

A 10 day journey to gain clarity on your souls purpose & your next aligned action steps.

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music: kura kura, Babtiste(used with permission) 

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Deep down you know you’re here for more. 


You can’t grab it yet, it may even feel scary because you know it would mean big changes that throw you out of your comfort zone. 


but if you are really honest with yourself, you can feel that theres something missing. That you're not living your full potential. you're hiding.

It’s like a yearning of your soul that never stops, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that everything´s fine.


You know you’re here to make a difference and to make this world a better place. 


You feel there’s something huge waiting for you.


but the uncertainty of your purpose almost paralyzes you, that’s why you keep postponing and finding excuses. 


You don’t know where to start, that’s why you never really take action. 


Until you realize time is running, no one is coming to safe you. years pass and you still feel stuck, not prioritizing your calling and showing up for yourself. 

is this you, sister?

Rise with purpose 

I See you. I hear you. I feel you.


and i´m here to tell you: It’s your time to RISE.

You’re ready for this path. 



are you ready to release what has been holding you back to create a life full of freedom and magic?


…I felt restricted, almost like i don´t belong here when I was living in Germany, but there was something inside of me that knew there was more. I felt homesick to a place I’ve never been before. I knew I couldn't reach my full potential staying in the environment I grew up in.


…when I was working as a school teacher, a job I worked so hard for and I really thought it would be my dream, I remember watching the clock, waiting for the bell to ring and just wanting to leave. I convinced myself this job gives me freedom, it's what I've always wanted, but instead I felt completely imprisoned, lost and trapped.  I knew there was more waiting for me, but I didn’t know how to start. 

I just knew I´m waisting my potential. big time.


In all those years my soul was talking to me, sending me signs but i kept on ignoring them…


Until I took the leap to my soul´s calling and turned my life upside down

I know exactly how you feel, because I've been there for so long...

are you ready for this path that might change your life forever?

I look at my life now and I´m able to live it from an aligned place with authenticity where I can just be me. Making a living out of it, helping women to achieve the same.

I close my laptop, pump up my SUP and swim with sharks and rays, whenever I need a break and feel the desire to connect to the ocean.

I share my passions and help women to remember their magic through healing and embodiment work to create their dream lives and live in alignment with their purpose.

this is my invitation for you to join rise with purpose

Imagine who you will be after these 10 days. 

You will emerge this Home Retreat as a different woman.

Imagine how you could feel and how your life could change.


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Are you ready to commit to your purpose

how to know if rise with purpose is for you?

You know you´re here for more but you lack clarity

you are too afraid and overwhelmed to take action

You feel stuck and alone, so you keep procrastinating

You're second guessing and doubting yourself a lot 

you desire to make an impact in this world and help people by sharing your gifts

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by joining rise with purpose you will 

  • gain clarity on your gifts and vision

  • become aware of your blocks and limiting believes

  • receive daily tasks and tools to help you discover your purpose

  • leave with an aligned action plan on your next steps

  • get Guidance and support with me as a mentor and likeminded sisters by your side on the same journey as you

  • move from chaos and overwhelm to Feeling safe and motivated 

no excuses, no postponing.

daily meditations / breathing techniques


6 x coaching videos & Journaling pdfs


Less than
1 hour/day

yin yoga/yoga nidra (designed on the topic of the day)


4 live sessions incl. sharing, Q&A


you receive 6 months access to everything so you can implement these tools into your everyday life.

what to expect

regulate your nervous system

intention & vision

Read More

your big why

limiting believes & blocks

day 1

day 5

day 3

day 4

day 2

value alignment

the power of osmosis

archetypes & mediums

money mindset

aligned action plan

day 6

day 10

day 8

day 9

day 7

embody your purpose

what my soul clients say

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I love Tanja‘s retreats and work in general, but Rise with Purpose was even more special.


It was a guided path to myself, to my deepest questions and longings.


It felt like coming home, it gave me clarity and vision, it forced me to tune in and listen to what my heart really desires!


It was special and really really touched me ❤️


thank thank you Tanja for the beautiful work you do! ❤️❤️

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recordings of the live sessions will be available for 6 months, audio only.

your investment & commitment 


Hey,  I'm Tanja

I´m a free spirited soul living in Mo´orea in French Polynesia. I´m a passionate Mindfulnessteacher, Author &  Coach and I help women to connect back to their true essence, to create a free, authentic and fulfilling life beyond their wildest dreams. 


I´ve been on my own healing journey for over 13 years and after practicing and studying many different healing arts like tantra, shamanism, Yoga, mediation, Personal Development and Psychology, I've developed my very own coaching tools that are individualized on every single soul with its unique story. 

I love to dive deep and hold space for healing and transformation. 

I am here to expand your mind, heart, body & soul by feeling your unique energy and guiding you through my insights and intuition. 

I help you to break down conditionings, patterns and limiting believes that keep you small and hold you back from living your truest potential.

I know how it feels to feel stuck in literally any part of life.

I´ve stayed in a toxic narcissistic relationship longer than I should have. I swollowed down my truth to avoid conflict. all of that that led me to my deep journey of self love. 

I felt stuck in my job as a teacher that was supposed to make me feel safe but actually made me feel caged. I felt stuck in a life that I created myself, but with the right mentors by my side I was able to break free of this cage and finally spread my wings and fly. 

I followed my soul calling and It would be an honor for me to share my tools with you and guide you through this transformational journey.

my biggest vision is an earth full of truly expressed, authentic and free souls sharing their gifts with the world. because you came here for a reason and youre not meant to feel numb, stuck and bored.

you came here with a purpose and the world is waiting for you to wake up and share your gifts.

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