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Happy&energized with these mouthwatering powerballs

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

These little powerballs give you an energyboost. Full of good ingredients, they are the perfect snack during the day or whenever you desperately feel like eating sweets. If you keep these little soulfoodballs in a jar, you can store them for about 3-4 weeks.

This is what you need

2 tablespoons of chiaseeds

2 tablespoons of cacaopowder

2 tablespoons of coconutflakes

250g dates

50g walnuts

50-100g grounded almonds

1 tablespoon of almondpuree

2 tablespoon of gojiberries

Soak the dates for about an hour in warm water. Pour off the water and squeeze nicely.

Mix dates, walnuts, 50g grounded almonds and almondpuree together until sticky. (you need a very good blender!!)

Depending on the consistency, you can add more grounded almonds until you can form balls with your hands (without sticking on your fingers).

After forming the balls, you can roll them in raw cacaopowder, chiaseeds and/or coconutflakes, matchapowder, grounded almonds..


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