Influenced by my teachers from all around the world for more than 8 years, Yoga became so much more than just Asana to me. My biggest mission and vision in my teachings is to  create space where you can open up and get in a state of being - to allow yourself to feel your true self behind all the masks. To free yourself from everything that is holding you back in your life - to live your most authentic life.  A space to connect back to your intuition to a state where you can just 

be and feel -  without any judgement and pressure. 

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Connect  to your Intuition
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Yoga & ich


Intuitive Flow - that’s how I call my style of teaching. I love to mix Creative Vinyasa Flow sequences with Yin Elements at the end of the class.


Yoga is so much more than just Asana to me.


I want you to feel comfortable in your body and with yourself.


I create while I’m teaching. I feel the energy of the group and allow the process to unfold. I don’t plan - I don’t think - I let it flow.


There’s no beginning and no ending of the movements - it feels almost as if youre moving through water.


I create space, so you can tap into your true self.


During the Dynamic Part of the practice, where we connect the movements to the breath, it’s more about getting out of your mind and thoughts.


It´s not about any kind of performance, competition or how deep you can go.


It´s all about allowing yourself to be present and to tune into your beautiful body.


At the end of the class it’s more about surrendering. To let go of control. It’s about allowing yourself to let go to tap into a state of being and feeling - without any judgement or expectations. It’s about accepting everything that arrises without naming it good or bad.


It’s nothing I can do for you - it’s your own journey.


I can just hold space and show you the tools.

But if you really allow yourself to connect back to your heart space, that’s where the magic happens.


When you connect back to your Intuition - the most powerful tool we all have inside of us - you have the power to know the answers to all of your questions we are so desperately searching on the outside.


If you find that subtle little voice within you, you intuitively know what’s good for your body, your health, your wellbeing, your mind and your soul.


You can not lie to yourself if you really start listening to your Intuition. You can no longer harm yourself and stay in toxic situations.


We all have that power - we just lost the connection and the trust to believe in it.

Because the voices of our inner critics, egos and of our fears are so much louder and convincing.
And that’s why my biggest mission is to connect you back to your intuition.

To help you to live happy, healthy and free.



©2020 Tanja Hirsch